• Larry McDonald

Just Do It! So simple, so challenging.

Just Do It. Brilliant marketing and great advice that even a three year-old gets. Nike hit a home run with those three simple words, and I wonder just how many athletes are the better for it as they had that slogan echoing in their ears when things got tough. It’s great encouragement not only for those on the field, but for us in the arena of life as well.

But, alas, there is one huge impediment to this process—US. And the biggest problem with us is fear. Simple, unadulterated, fear. Fear of not being or having enough. Fear of vulnerability, fear of change, and fear of the future. Yep, that’s us, just a bundle of neurotic phobias that continue to get in the way of our financial evolution that brings peace, harmony, satisfaction and excitement. To the degree that we can put aside the former is the degree to which we can embrace the latter. Critical to this process is the realization that the underlying truth to all of this, as I have written about before, is that “You will do what you want to do.”

I don’t need to ask you what you want, I simply need to find out what you already have for the answer. What you have is what you want.

And gotten different results. Tough love, I know. And don’t think for a minute that I sit in the ivory tower with all the answers and perfect decision making—far from it. We’re all in this boat to some extent or another, and together we’ll help one another make new choices and press into a more glorious future. Promise.

So let’s just…do…it. Go to my post entitled, “Gaining Financial Literacy...”, and choose to jump into the process. This will get the big mo’ going and then we can work from there. You will need to peel back the onion and shed some harmful thinking and learn new

ways of looking at things. It will hurt so good. And here’s a tip; it’s really not as big a deal as you think it is. No, I mean it. It’s super significant, but not the elephant we make it out to be. Relax, and take one step at a time, and then you’ll be done. And your life will change. And you will own it and you will take your power back, because it is, after all, your life.

Yes, not only will you need to work through things on your own, but eventually you should get some help. Orchestrating the various components of your financial life like cash flow, protection, taxes, risk management and growth will take some expertise and resources that most of you don’t have. Whether it it’s the proper perspective or developing a focused objective, seek my, or another professional’s, help. Together is better, so just do it.

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